Why you should choose us

A mix&match of handcrafted designer jewelry made with character and style

Jewelry is an accessory that completes the outfit in all its variations: whether it is elegant, casual, sporty or sophisticated, the right ring, the right combination of necklaces, bracelets, charms and earrings can complete your outfit making it perfect.

Our brand ANDREA925 offers a wide choice of jewelry in silver, gold, brass and bronze, very different from each other in colors and designs that turn out to be perfect to combine in a very special mix or when  belonging to the same collection to combine to complete the preferred line.

And it is precisely the mix & match of jewels that characterizes the ANDREA925 style what we like to focus on, what we like to suggest and push our customers to dare on.

Each piece of jewelry is personally designed and created by the brand’s unique designer, Andrea, who personally follows the creation and every following phase of his products. These are then refined one by one in the laboratory next to the store in Via Sforza Pallavicini 3 and, if required, customized according to customer needs.

You can also customize the creations of the jewels by studying the desired design with Andrea himself or with the sales staff, always available and happy to help you realize your little wishes that become jewels.

The attention to detail, the craftsmanship, the great quality of handmade and an open laboratory available towards customers, the opportunity to create your own idea with the designer and the expertise of the staff available in store, make ANDREA925 an unicum, which over the years and through the various stages of fashion and trends, has passed through time strengthening its reputation and increasing its quality, aiming higher and higher.