Choose your jewel from the SUPERPOWERS jewelry collection designed by ANDREA925

Love and Solidarity: the Limited Edition of Andrea925's Unique Bracelets, inspired by the works of Sabrina Rocca to support the Heal Foundation

In a harmonious fusion between the vibrant pictorial works of Sabrina Rocca and the distinctive and trendy goldsmith's art of Andrea925, a collection of limited edition bracelets is born.
Each jewel not only expresses the creative flair of two extraordinary artists, but supports the Heal Foundation, involved in research against pediatric tumors and in the organization of important initiatives such as the solidarity transport of young patients undergoing oncological treatments.

Sabrina Rocca, an artist from Turin, embodies sunshine through her works. The smile, kindness and never superficial lightness of his approach to life emerge clearly in his artistic production. Bright and shiny colors intertwine with profound messages, creating art with a strong visual impact.
The bracelets inspired by his works are a true alchemy of styles, a combination of trend and meaning.

In each piece Andrea925 tells a story, carrying with it the values ​​- or as Sabrina defines them, the superpowers - that distinguish and make them unique. The story of Andrea Mastrolorenzi, the creative mind behind the ANDREA925 brand, is intertwined with his passion for design, jewelery and the creation of unique and original pieces. Born in 1975 in Rome, Andrea grew up immersed in the artistic air of the family workshops, an environment that would shape his identity forever. Until it became an iconic brand in the capital and also famous nationally.

In this limited collection, ANDREA925 creates an exclusive line of bracelets. Each jewel is not just an elegant accessory, but a means of expressing the values ​​(courage, kindness, passion, will, trust and esteem) that distinguish us and make us unique.

"An act of generosity: supporting the Heal Foundation through art and goldsmithing"
Proceeds from the sales of this extraordinary bracelet collection will go to support the Heal Foundation. A gesture of generosity that combines art, fashion and solidarity to contribute to research against pediatric cancers and support Heal's initiatives
This limited edition is not just a jewel to wear with pride, but a symbol of love, art and social commitment. Because together, we can make a difference and give hope to those who need it most.
Because a value is forever.

"A value is forever"
ANDREA925 and Sabrina Rocca
for Heal